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With Neutron Card you can continue using your existing personal current account, while automatically separating work transactions as-you-go. With a host of clever features, Neutron  is a layer on top of your current account, and the future of finances for self employed..

No top-ups or transfers, no trawling through statements, no business account or limited company needed.

Tools that make a difference

Supercharge Your
Existing Current Account

Effortlessly capture your work transactions in one location, directly from your current account.

No Top-ups or Transfers needed.

Easy Mobile Invoicing at your fingertips – coming soon

Automated PDF and CSV Statements you can edit

One-Click, same day pay-by-link for your clients – coming soon

Capture work Bank Transfers and Direct Debits – coming soon

Set Spending Limits just for work.

Work travel expenses – Save 50% on currency fees in 150 Countries, unlimited

The right card for your trade

With 3 levels to choose from, Neutron caters for everyone

Easy Invoicing
and pay-by-link included

Keep up with the latest technology making receiving client payments easier, faster and cheaper than ever before.   Coming soon

* transaction fees may apply

advanced security powered by currensea


Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority


Secured with the latest bank security and encryption technology


All purchases protected by Mastercard Chargeback Protection

Unrivalled Partnership

Through our Open Banking partnership, we overlay debit accounts from all major UK Banks.

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