A Debit Card solution for Education & Sports Training Providers

Whether you work as a private tutor, a PT instructor or sports coach, Neutron Card for sole traders is the banking sidekick you need. Working with all major UK banks, Neutron simplifies your banking experience, keeping on top of your work expenses in real time, as you go, while still operating out of your normal current account. Keep all your spending on things like sports equipment, computers, membership fees, software, fuel and educational material in one easy location. Get a handy email notification record of each transaction
Boost your current account with cool tools like a bespoke spending limit each month, send invoices and same-day fraud-safe payment links to your clients in a few easy clicks on the app, making it simple, safe and fast for your clients to pay. And if you need to, share your statements in PDF or CSV formats for easy upload to accountancy software.