A Debit Card solution for IT & Freelancers

Neutron Card is the banking ally for I.T. professionals. Whether you’re a programmer, web developer, freelancer or other IT professional operating your work related finances out of the personal account; Neutron is THE card for you. By attaching to your existing current account with any major UK bank, Neutron Card simplifies your banking by allowing you to allocate business related expenses to a separate work statement as you go, keeping a real time electronic record of your expenses which you can easily access on our app. Get a handy email notification record of each transaction. Download and share your expense statement easily in CSV or PDF format to share with assistants, HMRC, or accounting software. More accurately allocate expenses to clients. Boost your current account with tools like excellent currency exchange fees abroad, a bespoke spending limit, and access to invoicing and fraud-safe pay-by-link for client payment instructions over the Faster Payments Network.